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There are programs that allow foreign nationals to immigrate directly, land and settle in Canada. For others, it may take on average two to five years to become a permanent resident after they initially enter as international students or workers. Later, eligible residents can be granted Canadian citizenship. Therefore, it is important to retain the status or apply for Canadian citizenship when eligible.

Canadian Permanent Resident Status

Canadian permanent resident status (PR) is granted to a person who immigrated to Canada under one of Canadian federal or provincial immigration programs. A permanent resident of Canada is entitled to social benefits, can live, work, or study in Canada without restrictions, or apply for Canadian citizenship once eligibility requirements are met. At the same time, a permanent resident has obligations, such as to abide by the laws and regulations and pay taxes. A permanent resident of Canada must live in Canada at least 730 days (i.e., around 2 years) in a 5-year period to retain PR status. Otherwise, PR status could be lost. A permanent resident of Canada can also voluntarily give up permanent resident status. Permanent residents are not allowed to run or vote for political office and work at some jobs that require a high-level safety clearance. Learn more about PR status and card here.

Canadian Citizenship

There are eligibility requirements for a Canadian citizenship application. First, a candidate must have been a permanent resident of Canada and physically been in Canada for at least 3 of the last 5 years. Secondly, a permanent resident of Canada should not have been outside of Canada for more than a total of 730 days in the last 5 years. Also, a Canadian citizenship test should be taken, and language requirements and tax obligations must be met before a permanent resident can make a Canadian citizenship application. Learn more about the pathway from PR to citizen here.

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